End of September already?

Last week, someone said that they would see me at Christmas.  I was thinking it was still a ways away.  Not!  How could it be the end of September already?  I just went on vacation (back in May) and we just had the pig roast (back in June).  I know, I know.  Only an old person says that time flies by.  I’m not old!

Rich and Sascha have been taking advantage of the nice weather to go biking with the Walky Dog this week.  That came to a scary halt on Saturday.  They broke the Walky Dog!  Luckily, Sascha didn’t have a chance to take off.  While riding on the first half of the circle, one side of the dual strings broke all the way through.  Rich managed to get back to the house with Sascha before the other side gave way.

Because Sascha constantly pulls on the strings and compresses the springs inside to their maximum, Rich thought Sascha had broken the Walky Dog.  Turns out, the connector had a bur on the inside that rubbed the strings and that’s what really broke the strings.  I’m sure it doesn’t help that Sascha is trying to run at her 20+ MPH and stresses the device to its max.

Rich smoothed the bur off the connector.  We went to the hardware store for string as strong as we could get.  The strings on the device were for 550 lbs of dead weight.  We got a similar strength, but it just didn’t seem that strong.  Rich added the new strings and then took it out for a test run.  Sascha didn’t snap it yet.

After some research, Rich found that he could get parachute cord at the sporting goods store.  Hopefully, that will come with a higher rating.  I just don’t want to chase down a Siberian Collie again.  She’s fast.

Rich got a call from the contractor with an update on the garage.  They were able to reach the building inspector for the village and start working with him on the plans and permits.  They are looking into some variances that we need to do the garage just like we want.  So far, we are moving forward.  With some luck, we can build like we want.  If not, we’ll have to see what happens.  It might be Plan B then for the car situation here.  Stay tuned for more updates.

Rick came in from work.  He got a job working at Stades Farms, which is a local pumpkin farm.  They have rides and activities and use the local kids to man each of them.  This was Rick’s first full weekend.  He was hired as backup and fill in or if someone quits on them.  Today, he manned the big slide and the pedal cars.  As he says, he gets to yell at the kids to knock it off and quit horsing around.  At least, he has a little spending money.

It was quiet and I didn’t do much.  I created pictures from some Yosemite and Sequoia National Park postcards and hung them in the living room to go with the outdoors and fishing theme.  They look nice.

Next weekend is Iron Invasion.  This is a huge car show and demonstration.  It’s the first annual, so I don’t really know what will go on.  Rich is volunteering and driving Sally up to put her on display with the other hundreds of cars expected.  I’ll be sure to take pictures.  I’m just hoping for nice weather.

Now it is October

So I decided not to post this blog.  Now I have more to add.

Today, Rich took the day off to brew beer.  This was an absolute necessity since there was no beer in the house.  Also, this is the beer that needs to be on tap for Thanksgiving.  Rich decided on a Zombie Dust clone.

For those who don’t know, Three Floyds is a microbrewery in the Chicagoland area with a knack for brewing some great beers.  One of these is Zombie Dust.  It is a citrus-based, hoppy beer that hits your taste buds and lingers on into the back of the throat with a bright, hoppy flavor.

After sleeping in for an hour or two, Rich got started with the brewing process.  Of course, I was inside at my desk slaving away over a document that needs to be ready yesterday.  I did venture out a couple of times to check on the progress.  Progress went well.  This was a small batch though.  Since it was an experiment, Rich only did 5 gallons instead of the usual 10 gallons.  Less painful if you have to throw it out in disgust.

Finally, the batch was done and transferred to the fermenter.  As usual, Rich took a sample to test for gravity and alcohol content.  It looked to be about 6% alcohol.  We then tasted the raw beer.  Even without fermentation, it was pretty good.  It tasted a little like grapefruit when it first hits your mouth and then turns mellow as you push it to the back of the throat.  It was very, very good.  I can’t wait for the finished product!

While cleaning up, Rich had a beer on the table so he could drink as he went.   However, he wasn’t really watching the glass closely.  He took a drink and got more than he could drink.  There was a bee enjoying the nectar as well.  Unfortunately, the bee stung Rich inside of his mouth.  There was beer all over the garage where Rich had spit it out to get rid of the bee!  Don’t worry, Rich and the bee are okay.

Carolyn at work said that Rich was torturing Sascha by making her run alongside the bike.  I assure you that Sascha is only tortured while she has to wait for Rich to get things set up to take her running!  As soon as she thinks Rich is even thinking about touching the bike, Sascha is all over the door.  This is one of the few times that she actually barks!


Can't stand still
Sascha is a ball of energy while she waits for Rich to get the bike ready.


Excited husky
That’s one excited Husky waiting for Rich. He has to lock the door to keep her under control.


Getting ready to roll
Looks like we are getting ready to roll now.


Boy and his dog
There they go down the road for a nice run.


Brewer at work
Starting up a small batch of Husky Paws (Zombie Dust clone).


Good stuff in that pot
A peek at the brew as it brews. Smells good!


Putting the jacket on the pot
Almost like getting ready for dinner. Gotta put on the jacket.

Happy 50th Birthday, Rich!

Yesterday, the 10th, was Rich’s 50th birthday.  It was a quiet day.  No big partying here.  He did take the day off from work to enjoy some of his favorite things. 

Early in the morning, his Busia called to wish him a happy birthday.  He wasn’t up yet.  We talked for a bit.  She was reminiscing about the time she took the train down to Roswell, NM from Chicago to see him.  In her stories, there is a lot of dust.  I can see why.  It is a very sandy area and the wind blows a lot.  I loved one of her last statements.  “I was 40 when Rich was born.  I was only a child!”  Compared to her 90 years, she probably was at that time.

Rich didn’t sleep in too late.  After a cup of coffee and the paper, he turned his attentions to getting caught up on the computer.  He had Sally business to take care of this morning.  After checking out Facebook and his email, he pulled up the page he wanted.  I’m not sure of the name of the business, but the guy’s name was Dick.  With phone in hand, Rich proceeded to call Dick.  BTW: Rich uses the name Dick when he is feeling bad ass.  Seems appropriate.

Dick answered the phone and the conversation about carburetors got underway.  Dick is in the business of rebuilding these nice little attachments to an engine at his shop way down in Texas.  Rich finished describing his issues and what kind of little metal components he had.  Dick had a list of specific questions for how Rich wanted them to work when them came back.  I believe there was an agreement and Rich wrote up a letter with the details and boxed up the carbs for a trip to Texas.  Now Sally will be bad ass too.

Next order of business was to take Sascha to Moraine State Park for a run on one of the trails.  Packing up scooter, harness, and dog, Sascha and Rich left in the truck.  No, Rich was driving and not Sascha. An hour and a half later, they returned, just as I was leaving to pick up birthday cake.  Sascha was in the back of the truck and not the cab.  The tail was wagging a hundred miles an hour and she had a big grin on her face.  She was also very wet.

The Opossum Run trail that Rich likes is about 3 miles long.  There are lots of hills and valleys.  There is also a ditch that is usually filled with water.  Sascha remembers this ditch very well.  We’ve made the mistake of letting her get a drink from the ditch, but she always plops down in the water instead.  She loves to lay in her pool of water, wherever it is.  I think Sascha is beginning to learn the trail.  She stopped at the picnic table where I had to take a rest and she got water.  Only Rich wasn’t ready to stop!

Since they had returned early, I took Rich to lunch while I was out on my errand. Herb’s Bakery makes the most divine cakes and they taste like there is so little sugar in them.  I don’t know how they do that.  The cakes are buttery soft, not overly sweet, and they decorate them in such cute ways.  I can’t find anyone else who makes such a cake, so I make the drive several miles to pick one up.  They are so worth it!  I told them to decorate the cake with something beer related.  There were little tin beer cans hanging over the cake.  Well worth the trip again this year.

So we stopped at the Beef Villa just up the street from Herb’s.  Around here, there are hot dog stands by the dozens.  They all serve hot dogs and italian beef sandwiches with fries.  Standing at the counter, the menu was limited, but it did look good.  I decided on the reuben sandwich and Rich got italian beef with cheezy fries.  I don’t know about Rich’s sandwich, but mine was excellent.  It really hit the spot.  So this means I took Rich to lunch and I paid for it.

One more stop before we headed home.  We were going right by Woodman’s Grocery.  There, Rich needed to pick up frozen Door County cherries for his cherry wheat beer that he was expecting to brew within the next few days.  Yep, cherry wheat beer was required for the June pig roast.  Cherries and pig go together, I think.

So I had to get back to work.  Yep, I had worked through Rich’s phone call to Dick and while he was out scootering with Sascha.  Now back to more work.  Rich spent his afternoon hanging out around the house.

Rick got home from school and we sat Rich down on the couch to open cards and presents.  We got him a book called Chicago by the Pint.  It was a history of the great breweries in Chicago.  Then he got real moosehid moccassins to keep his feet warm and dry.  Finally, we got his a flamed bowling shirt and a backup shirt that was just styling red and black.  Now he has a choice when he wants to bowl. 

For dinner, Rich chose Slyce.  This is a really cool pizza place that cooks their pies in coal fired ovens.  The menu has already created combinations, which are excellent.  Then you can create your own, but can you get one better than they have already created.  I’m not so sure.  We got one white and one red.  White was olive oil with fennel sausage, cream, and basil.  The red was meatball, pepperoni, and ham with basil.  Both were excellent. 

Rich likes this place not only for their pizza, but because they carry an excellent assortment of craft beers.  A few are on tap, like he prefers.  He started off with one IPA and finished with a second one from a different brewery.  Since we had a designated driver, I had the Audacious Apriot wheat.  It was a nice dinner out with the family. 

Back at the ranch, we finally fired up that movie, “Paul,” that’s been recorded forever and we never got around to.  I had watched bits and pieces while it was still running on the movie channel, but I had never seen the very beginning.  It was cute and had several good laughs.  Then it was cake time.  We opened up the chocolate with raspberry filling cake, sang Happy Birthday, and ate up. 

Now our habit in the past has been to include the dogs in our lives.  Sofie even learned to sing along with the song.  I’m not sure it was Happy Birthday she was singing, or she was just yelling for you to throw down that cake.  This makes the fourth birthday we’ve had since Sascha has joined us.  And guess what?  She has learned that when we sing Happy Birthday, good things happen.  She danced around with the song.  Next birthday, we’ll have to have video of her dance. 

To finish off the night, Rich got a call from his brother, Alex.  That really helped to make an end to a good day.  He enjoys talking to his family and Alex in particular.  It might that they can talk stocks.  After getting caught up with Alex, he toddled off to bed to read a few chapters before lights out.

I do believe Rich had a great birthday.  I thought turning 50 would be tough for him, but he seems to have weathered it well. Today, I ran out early to pick up donuts for work.  Everyone expects to share in your good fortune.  They seem to like the donuts from our local bakery in particular. 

Happy birthday, Rich.  Hard to believe you survived your youth and are getting ready for some middle age.  Enjoy it though.

Cake from Herb's
The wonderful little cake that Herb's made for Rich.
Chicago by the Pint
Another beer book for his collection.
Moosehide moccassins
Oh, moosehide! New moccassins for the feet.
Bowling shirt with flames
He has flames on Sally and now flames on his bowling shirt!

Running with the big dogs

Back on Feb 4, we went to the Chili Lunch and Sled Demo fundraiser for the Free Spirit Husky Rescue.  This is the group where we found Sascha.  She was Holly back then.  I like to support them when I can and it gives us a chance to let Sascha see her old friends.  I was hoping they would let her pull one of the sleds also.  We were in luck.

Sascha loves to ride in the car.  Whenever she has the chance, she barks and paws for you to open the door.  I came prepared this time with a seat cover for any muddy dog that happen to get in. Sascha rides looking out the back window.  She seems to prefer the view of where she has been rather than where she is going.  I think she might get a little car sick looking at the scenery going by so fast. For whatever reason, she sits up with her head resting on the back of the seat watching everything going by.

We arrived about an hour after the event started.  Sleds were set up in the grassy lot behind the Moose Lodge, where the food was being served.  Sascha got all excited to see the dogs and sleds.  We located Bob, who was the driver of her team back in the day.  He was very glad to see her and asked if she wanted to pull the sled.  He said his current dog just wasn’t handling the lead dog responsibilities and he was glad to see someone who could. 

Apparently, Sascha is considered by those who know to be a phenomenal sled dog.  She was lead dog for a year, which meant living out in the kennel to get conditioned.  I think she definitely prefers the indoors now.  Even the Gary, who is the urban musher I took lessons from, remarked that she was incredible.  That’s why we mush now.

We had been having a problem keeping booties on Sascha while running.  I got a chance to ask Bob about this.  You really need to protect the dog’s feet from gravel and other things that could cause cuts or irritation.  Problem is: Nothing we tried would even stay on for more than a minute when you run with her.  Bob says this is normal.  He told me that in the Iditarod race, teams have a thousand booties for the entire team and they usually go through them by the end of the race.  So I’m not the only one having a problem with keeping them on.

 I took Sascha off to the side to wait her turn to pull the sled.  We met a lady and her husky, Mia.  We talked about the dogs and somehow got onto our perfect place to live.  Hers would be Montana with about 6 huskies and her own sled.  She skis and plans to have Mia skijoring next year.  Skijoing is where you use a dog to pull you on skis.  It uses the same lead and harness set up for dog scootering.   As we talked, I watched Mia demolish a 4-inch round tree branch.  Glad my Sascha isn’t destructive like that. 

Time came to harness up.  Sascha was so excited, she couldn’t stand still.  We finally got the harness on her and moved over to hook up to the lead.  There is also a neck lead between the two dogs to keep them somewhat together.  You don’t want them splitting off into two different directions.

Bob finally hooked up the last dog and mounted the sled to begin the trek.  He yelled, “Hike,” and Sascha took off.  Unfortunately, the other lead dog was a little slower to response.  Someone walked out to start them running.  They did a pretty good job, but the other lead dog was having some trouble with direction.  Bob would yell, “Gee (that’s right)” and Sascha would attempt to go, but the other dog would push back.  A little frustrating for Sascha. 

They finally made it around the field and came back.  Sascha looked exhausted and drank a ton of water afterwards.  She definitely enjoyed the run though and I think she even wanted to go again.

One of the volunteers, Lance, came by to say hello to her.  She seemed to remember him.  She wanted to play and he messed with her for a little bit.  I think he was the main caretaker for her kennel.  Lance was the person we talked to on the day we saw her at the rescue.  He really worked hard to sell us on her.  I should have told him he didn’t have to.  We loved her from the pictures on the rescue site!

Anyway, Sascha had a great day.  She got to pull a sled again and meet up with some old friends.  The rescue recently posted pictures from that day and I pulled them down and created an album on my Picasa site.  Thought maybe I should tell me a little bit about what went on. 


Now it’s back to urban mushing for Sascha.

Sascha catching up with Bob at the Sled Demo












Sascha pulling lead for Bob on a dog team at the Sled Demo

Sascha’s First Christmas with Us

So Christmas was really nice.  Santa dropped by the house earlier and left some nice gifts.  I don’t think any of us did too badly this year.  Even Sascha had a good day.

Rick got several Portal 2 items, which should make his year.  Rich got his usual beer t-shirts, a diamond plate mailbox, and some tools.  I got a sash for my Ren Faire outfit in Campbell tartan, a cover for my Nook, and a cooler I can take to Ravinia. 

Rich made dinner.  It has become our tradition to have rib roast rare with Yorkshire pudding.  This year’s offering was no exception.  The roast was great and the pudding (actually more like muffins) were tasty.  Sascha even got a rib bone to chew on.  Poor baby, she had no idea what to do with it.  She wanted to take it to her den and savor the flavor. 

Unfortunately, my sinus condition persists.  The guys went for an afternoon walk with Sascha out at the forest preserve.  Moraine State Park was closed for the holiday.  However, the trail at the preserve runs along the river.  So it was a nice walk, even if Sascha got a little muddy. She seemed to enjoy her time out with the guys.

I posted picture from our day up on Picasa.  You can find these at:  https://picasaweb.google.com/JZurekFamily/Christmas2011#

Rick was setting so that the window was at his back and the camera didn’t flash to fill in enough on some of these so he does appear quite so many times as Rich.  I assure you he did well for Christmas.

Hope your holidays were good and continue to be so through the New Year.

Who Almost Took Out Whom?

On Thursday, Rich decided to let Sascha go for a run.  This is her favorite thing to do, after all, besides lay in someone’s lap.  To get her ready, Rich put on the flexible booties that are supposed to protect her feet.  One problem:  the booties won’t stay on.  We’ve tried a couple of different type now with no good results.  About 2 minutes into the run, the booties start to fly off.  Oh well, we will keep trying.

Rich got ready and turned on the helmet cam.  He readjusted this to sit up higher on his helmet.  I think it captured the action much better.  You can at least see Sascha as she is running out in front and the booties are flying off. 

Sascha got excited about going for a run.  She actually barked this time!  She hardly barks or whines or makes a noise.  She is the quietest dog.  Sascha generally pokes you with her nose to get what she wants.

Unfortunately, Rich took Sascha through what we call Squirrel Alley.  This is the back side of the subdivision where the road runs through a heavily wooded area.  The squirrels and other wildlife hang out back there.  Sascha can’t help but find a squirrel in this part of the housing development. 

As Rich almost got through the alley, Sascha decided to stop dead in her tracks.  This almost threw Rich off the scooter as well as to pull Sascha off her feet.  I wasn’t there, but the video tells the story when you see it.  Maybe dog scootering is a dangerous sport after all!

They made it back to the house in one piece and Sascha was good and tired from the run.  She crawled into my lap and slept for a good half an hour.  I was looking for an excuse not to get up and have to do anything anyway.

Rich and Sascha on another run:


Video Cam of Sascha

Today was a beautiful day outside!  Sascha thought the weather was perfect since she spent most of the day out there.  She was watching for anything that might come into the yard.  Even though I tried to get her to come in several times, she remained on guard out by the trees.  I did catch her lying down on the job a couple of times though.

Later in the afternoon, Rich decided to go for some scootering.  It was his opportunity to try out the helmet cam for its original purpose.  With the camera strapped to the top of his helmet, he went out to prepare the scooter.

Of course, it doesn’t take Sascha very long to figure out that she should be in the garage staging with the scooter.  You can hear her line zip toward the garage and the hear the thunk as her paws hit the door at full force.  Yep, she is looking in the window and telling you to hook her up. 

Rich gets the harness on and hooks her up to the scooter.  Sascha keeps running to the small door so she can go out again.  She doesn’t seem to understand she is leaving by the big door.  The video starts at the point where Rich hits the button for the door.  Sascha is beside herself with excitement, or maybe she’s beside Rich.  Kind of hard to tell.

Anyway, this video is pretty typical of trying to get Sascha out for a run and keeping her on the straight path to continue that run.  Like any child, she is distracted by squirrels, the cat house for the feral cats, and an innocent bystander walking his dog. 


Yes! It’s off! And Sascha went scootering.

Today finally came!  I had a doctor’s appointment to remove my cast at 9:20 this I got there early and was ready to go.  At 9:50, they finally called me back.  I was going crazy.  The doctor turned out to be very busy and his regular assistant was off today.  OMG, I wanted to scream.  I didn’t though.  Kept my cool and waited patiently.  Finally, he came in and asked the big question: “Ready to get that cast off?”  I managed not to scream like the 4 year old I had bottled up inside of me.

Splint in place of a cast
Splint in place of a cast

So he proceed to tell me that my muscles are going to hurt and be very weak.  I figured that, but was surprised at how much that was true after just 4 weeks.  Oh man, my arm was so sore!  I also was not prepared for the alien feeling I had after the cast came off.  Was that my arm?  It did look pretty good after the cast came off though.  X-rays showed marked healing, so I got a removable splint.  Yeah!

So a few hours later, my arm started to slough skin!  The doctor said to let it come off naturally and not scrub it off.  Otherwise, you end up with a sunburn effect.  I have enough pain for that.

Rich decided to take the day off.  Something about too much vacation days left and not enough time to burn them.  He had a dentist appointment so he didn’t go with me to my appointment.  I’m a big girl.  When I got back, Rich was gone and only Sascha was home.  She was tired though and I wondered why.  Found out later that they had gone scootering this morning.  Rich reported that she was happy, if somewhat tired.

Sleeping in Dad's Lap
Sleeping in Dad's Lap

While waiting for dinner to cook this evening, I asked Rich to go through a catalog and pick out some things he might want.  He agreed to do it.  But as soon as he sat down, Sascha jumped into his lap and snuggled in for a quick nap.  I couldn’t resist them and just had to take a picture of Sascha napping.  They are cute, aren’t they?

Rick and Sascha take a spin

Yesterday morning, Sascha was all stretched out in the living room floor.  Rick just had to join her.  It was just a dog and her boy.  Ahh!

Chillaxin with a dog and her boy

So a little scootering today.  Finally.  I convinced Rick that he had to give it a try.  I think he was a little leery after I broke my wrist, but I assured him that was all my own fault and Sascha nor scootering were to blame. 

I bought protective gear for rollerblading.  Scootering isn’t much different.  It’s dog powered instead of self-propelled.  Rick put on the knee and elbow pads.  Then he thought better about the wrist supports.  Rich got Sascha harnessed up.  Sascha met Rick at the door and was all ready to go.

Rick and Sascha getting ready for a run.
Rick and Sascha getting ready for a run.

After they made it around the block, Rick was really excited about dog scootering. Sacsha was able to really get up some speed.  It must have been the lighter load she had this time.

 I still can’t wait until I’m out of the cast and released back to normal activity!

Here’s the YouTube of Rick and Sascha today:


Definitely not a walk around the block

So the dually scooter arrived at the house on Friday.  I call it that because it has dual wheels on the back for better stability, which I need.  It’s just like the pickup trucks withe dual set of wheels on the back.  Maybe it’s a redneck thing.

Anyway, Rich put the scooter together on Saturday.  Sascha and I both watched him to make sure he did it right.  The scooter is red with a large platform to stand on.  I really like the way it looks.  Of course, it’ll be 5 more weeks until I get to ride on it.  Yeah, the doctor gave me the little kids’ speech to stay off scooters while wearing the cast.

Rich decided to take the scooter out for a trial kick by himself.  That went well, so he decided to take Sascha out mushing. I got out with the video camera to film this epic event.  Once Sascha realized she was going for a run, she got all excited.  She even barked, which she rarely does.

Rich got the harness on Sascha and connected her to the scooter.   Then he yelled, “Hike”, which means go in Mush.  Sascha came around to stand next to him.  Took a little bit to realize that’s what she is expected to do when they go walking.  It didn’t take long to convince her to take off running and pull the scooter though!

As I expected, Sascha had a hard time on the first trip around the block not to chase the squirrels.  Apparently, huskies love small, furry things.  She stalks out across the yard planning to catch a squirrel or two.  Rich shouted out, “On by” a couple of times.  That’s Mush for ignore it.  Sascah caught on and continued to run.

As they rounded the corner by the lake, I could see that Sascha was finally hitting her stride.  She was pulling the scooter behind her and enjoying every minute.  She headed straight for me, even though Rich was shouting, “On by.”  Sascha is definitely a mommy’s girl.  Rich actually complained they went too fast.  I didn’t think that was true since Holiday Hills finest didn’t give him a tcket.

We decided to let them go around around the block again,  Sascha looked like she was up for it.  She did go up the driveway looking for water.  It didn’t take a minute to get her back on the road and running.  This time around, she required minimal reminders to leave the squirrels alone.  Sascha reached me in good time and was definitely ready to stop.

We went back to the house then.  Rich removed her harness while I filled up her pool.  Not only did she need a drink, but she needed to cool down.  Huskies get warm fast because of their wonderful insulating fur. We were told she would require a kiddie pool to dip her toes into.  Sascha tends to dip the entire dog into it.  She didn’t fail me today either.

I forgot to use the video camera and get footage of her rolling around in the pool.  I promise to do this.  She has a very specific methodology for getting wet.  She splashes around first and then dives in.  It’s cute. I promise.

So that’s the description of our first day out mushing in the neighborhood.  More to follow, I’m sure.  Today’s activities are posted on YouTube at:


So we went to the Urban Mushing class on Sunday.  The location and the people were very nice.  Julie and her team were very knowledgeable.  The attendees were varied in the breeds and theirs reasons for learning scootering.  Six people or teams were signed up for the class, so I felt lucky to be able to join the class.

Sascha was excited to be in the class.  She recognized the instructor. Or maybe it was the scooter that she recognized.  She loves to wear the harness and we got confirmation that it fits well.  Sascha is all ready to pull.

During class, we covered all the things to prepare your dog to pull something behind them.  The basic commands are pretty easy.  Most of the dogs seemed to catch on to the idea and follow through.  I chose to use the musing commands.

  • Hike is run.
  • Gee is right.
  • Haw is left.
  • Whoa, of course, is stop.
  • On by means to ignore something and continue.

Sascha already understands all of these commands and what is expected of her.  I uuse them when we walk also.  On by is very hard for her when there is a squirrel or other furry creature in sight. 

When it was finally her turn to pull the scooter, Sascha was in heaven.  Unfortunately, Rick was watching and videotaping the cool part of the class.  Sorry there is no video.  I’ll post some of what I have when Rick gives mt the files. 

Also unfortunately, I fell at the end and cracked my wrist.  It was really stupid on my part.  I learned I have to pay close attention to my dog.  I don’t plan to stop now.  I just have to stay off the scooter for a while.  I’m sure I can convince Rick or Rich to take Sascha while I heal. 

Sascha trying to comfort me with my broken arm.
Sascha trying to comfort me with my broken arm.

I also got confirmation that my scooter is expected on Friday.  Can’t wait!  Sascha will be happy to see I’m sure!

Happy scootering!  I’ll try to get some video posted this week, I promise.