Skipped work today to brew

Took a day off of work to brew a Pumpkin Ale for Thanksgiving.

First I got a couple of pie pumpkins to put in the mash. Cooked them Sunday to get them ready for mashing today.

Then I mashed to malted barley and prepared pumpkins to make wort.

When the conversion as complete I sparged to collect the sweet liquid that will become beer.

Boiled the wort with hops and spices then cooled and added to a fermentor.

Added the yeast and in a couple of weeks we should have Pumpkin Ale.

I did taste the gravity sample and it has a nice taste.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving.

I also love making beer.  It is a very wonderful to change malted barley into very good beer.

Next batch will be Oatmeal Stout.  Need to do something heart healthy.