Window Well of Death

Every week or so I rescue amphibians from the “Window Well of Death”.  Other days I think the local raccoons dine on the amphibians in the window well. Today while checking on the sump pumps during the big wind storm I found a salamander in the WWD along with a frog and a toad.

He is a  Eastern Tiger Salamander

Rescued E. Tiger Salamander

Here is a picture of the rescued toad.

Rescued Toad

Finally for your horror the Window Well of Death

Window Well of Death

Remembering Dad

Cleaning off my desk yesterday I found some photos of Dad and Sally from Labor Day of 2002. Today is the day he passed so it was nice to find the photos.

Sally on Labor Day 2002

Dad was really proud of the work he did on Sally.

Rob and Dad going for a ride

Going for a ride smoking a cig.  Dad started young with smoking and never could kick the habit.  Please do not start smoking.  You to may not be able to quit even when they start killing you with the Cancers.

It stopped raining and the sun came out so I think I will take Sally out for a spin.

Rest in peace Dad

Driving Lessons for Rick

Today Rick and I washed Sally.  Afterword we went to a small hamburger joint and had cheese burgers and chocolate malts.  Then I decided it was time for him to learn how to drive stick.  Since I have been driving stick shift cars for most of my life it thought it would be easy for him to pick up.

That being said as I was describing to him how to work the clutch, gas, brakes, and shifter this may not be easy.  He did kill the car a few times and did a lot of jack rabbit starts but eventually was able to get the car moving alright.  He just needs more practice.  At corners the whole turning, signals, clutch, brakes, and gas thing got overwhelming.   Cars are too easy to drive these days.  This is why people think they can do other things besides drive while driving.

I have a second “Girl” putting on mascara story.  I am sure you all hear the first one where I almost got killed by a girl putting on mascara.  The only thing that saved me and the cars behind me was driving into a ditch to avoid her.  Any way Friday morning I was behind a drunk driver I thought until she got out the mascara.  Then he deployed an extra mirror so she could put on the mascara.  Of course her speed control was not good.  One time there was a two car gap between her and the car ahead of her.  So a person in a Mercedes decides to make a left in front of her.  They really stopped on the gas a barely cleared her path.  Of course she did not slow down or brake and I believe she does not even know how close she came to t-boning the left turner.

Anyway girls doing makeup and driving really scare me.

Pumpkin Ale Update

The pumpkin ale is kegged and resting until Thanksgiving day.

Carbonating in the Beer cooler.

Also had some extra ale so I put it in bottles to give away around the Holidays.

Pumpkin Ale in bottles for easier transportation

Even though it was warm and non-carbonated the taste was quite pleasant.  It should be a hit at Thanksgiving.

Volo Bog Hike

My family hike around Volo Bog.

Today we when for a hike around Volo Bog. It is a state natural area and one of the few bogs left in Northern Illinois. It was formed by peat moss filling in a large lake left over by a big chuck of ice from the last ice age.

Volo bog is one of my favorite spots to go in the fall.  The first time we went there Rick was a baby.  He fell asleep in his carrier. Today he just ignored us.  We had to carry Sofie for a little while but she enjoyed the hike.

Selling my 901 Series III Speakers.

Since changing the 12 Bar Blues Bar’s sound system to JBL 4412 speakers I don’t need my 901s any more.

They will be sold as a set that includes two speakers, two speaker stands, and one equalizer. These speakers don’t sound right with out the equalizer.  Three years ago over the holidays I replaced all the foams on the drivers.  These speakers should be good to go for another fifteen or twenty years but this is no warranty.

Front view speakers, stands, and equilzer
Showing the foam around one of the 18 drivers is in good shape.
Back side view of the 901s
901 Series III equalizer.

Let me know if your interested.


Sofie is getting old. She is having heart problems. It is kind of sad around here.

Sofie enjoying the sunshine

She is our second dog and she is a very good dog despite being a beagle. She was never sick and tried to behave.

When her time is up she will be missed by us.

Katrina Story

Yesterday I sold the Sally’s old front tires to a guy named Tim. He hauls cars as a side job. He is from Nashville TN. So I asked him if the flooding this spring affect him. They had a 1000 year flood there. He said no, but then he tells me he is originally from New Orleans and he moved his family to Nashville after Katrina.

He has a 1934 Ford Pickup that was Street Rodded. He wants to put the pickup back to original. It is nice to know that the wheels will be put to use by someone else instead of rusting in my garage. It is also nice to know that I help out a Katrina survivor in a small way.