Management Initiative – Project Deep Fry

Our group has a Thanksgiving pot luck each year.  I made a joke about bringing a deep fried turkey and ended up have to find financing for two deep fried turkeys.

Turkey ready for the fryer

This turkey soaked overnight in a brine solution with apple juice and poultry spices.

Lots of steam when they go in.

Lots of excitement dunking the turkey in hot oil.

After 45 minuits the turkey is done.

Pulling the turkey out of the hot oil.

Used an electric knife for carving.  Why do I ever doubt Alton Brown? It is great for slicing up turkeys.

The turkeys where very well received at the pot luck.  It was the first dish to run out.

Toad In Hole

The food section in the news paper had an interesting recipe for an English dish called Toad In Hole.

Us Holiday Hills Zureks like Yorkshire Pudding with roast beef.  Toad In Hole is sausage patties mixed with Yorkshire Pudding.  It was very tasty.  The patties look like little toads in holes in the pudding.

Here are some pics.

Toad In Hole covered in gravy.
Very nice an quick dinner

Next time we will use a different pork sausage.