Garage Gnome part duex

Garage Gnome

I hope this make more sense to the people that saw it yesterday.  It is amazing what can be done with some scrap metal and welding equipment.

Garage Gnome is Alive

He looks better with the glowing eyes.  In a year of sitting out side the patina should be a lot better.

It is a Christmas present for my wife.  My  original plan was to have Rich my son make him but I failed to get him interested in the project so I just knocked it out.

Anyway it looks good.

Standing next to my creation

Garage Gnome

Making a Garage Gnome.  Tried to get Rick to make it but he is too afraid of the welder and torch.  So I started it and will try my hand at folk art.

Just finished the bottom.  It has legs and a tongue. Tomorrow I need to figure out how to make a little fist and bird.  Found a nose but still don’t have any idea about the eyes.

The bottom of the Gnome is done.