Time to rewire Sally

The first time I looked under that dash I knew I had to always carry a fire extinguisher. The wiring job was very poor.  The most worrying aspect was the power distribution bolt that was not even taped.  Any way here are some picks of the start of the project.

The wiring harness is from a company called Rebel Wire.  It looks very nice.  All the wires are labeled about where they go.  It has nine circuits prewired and three extra fuses I can add to.  I am also replacing the gauges so the dash is getting rewired.


When the weather service said go home and stay there for this storm that was good advice.

At the start of the storm I tried to shovel snow but it came down too fast.  The wind was terrible and was causing me to get cold.

We had big drifts by bed time.  Our furnace stopped about 3:30 because its’ vent ports where buried in snow.  Had to go out and unbury them.

They said this was the forth worst blizzard to hit Chicago since keeping records.  We hope we don’t get to see more of these it was nasty.