The Tumbling Block Effect

No, this is not dominoes.  One of my all time favorite quilt patterns is the tumbling block.  I like to refer to it when I can.  It’s my blog; I can do what I want with it.

Because he was experiencing repetitive motion pains in his wrists, I wanted to change out Rick’s desk with one that had a keyboard tray.  His current desk (two cabinets and a piece of countertop) was too high and not conducive to actual work.  Not that he does any real work at his desk.  It’s that gaming stuff taking its toll.   That was the start of the first tumble. 

Rich found a free desk on Craigslist.  We picked up the desk, but Rick and his friends had to get it into the house.  Thanks to Diane K. for the really nice keyboard tray.  It works like a charm. 

Now the room was too crowded with the loft bed in it.  Okay, we could take down the bed and get a real mattress and box spring set.  The We here was the royal We.  Rick was going to be responsible for getting the bed apart and put into the attic of the garage. 

Yesterday, Rick finally took the loft bed apart.  He had it done by the time we got home from work.  However, it was lying all over the living room.  So before dinner, that bed had to go to the garage.  Rick got out the ladder and made the multiple trips up and down.  Wow, all of this without complaining!

His room has a distinct echo now.  It would be a good time to ask him to pull things from the walls and do a little spring cleaning.  It’s been a while since that room has been completely cleaned.  One more thing for him to do on his spring break.

Today, I think we’ll go over and buy a real bed again.  With the loft, he could only have a mattress and that single mattress has gotten pretty old.  My thought is a double bed for that room.  Big enough for him, but not so big as to take up the entire room.  Maybe the cost won’t be as bad either. 

So we went from needing a desk to taking down the loft to needing a new bed.  Wait, I bet I’m missing something else in here.  I’m sure there will be something else that I need to buy before this all over.  I know, sheets for the new bed.  Maybe a new comforter and pillows.  I hear cash registers in my future yet. I won’t get away from this without some money spent.

When the blocks start to tumble, it’s kind of hard to hold them back.

Enjoying my spring evenings

I can’t believe that Spring has come to stay.  I know that is going to change in a day or so here, but even that will seem like Spring!  I’ve been enjoying my Spring evenings.  It’s nice enough to be outside and do a few things.  I’m trying to hold back on any gardening just yet.

Last week, we were able to sit outside and eat on our family dinner night.  Normally, Rich is all against eating al fresco.  I don’t think it’s just the bugs.  I think it’s the wind and so much going on around you.  We were lucky though, and he agreed to sit out at Snuggery, which sits right on the river.  It was windy with a few bugs, but very nice.

And the wonderful weather continued this week.  I talked the guys into my favorite Mexican place, which allows you to sit along the river.  Actually, El Puerto is on one of the chain of lakes.  I love their Pink margarita.  It sounds girly, but it is really good.  Rich ordered a pitcher.  I should have known I was in trouble then.

Rich has a motto:  No alcohol left behind.  This means you can’t leave the table until all alcoholic beverages are consumed.  I was doing a good job of helping before the food arrived.  I was only feeling the tequila a little bit.  After dinner, we continued to work on the pitcher and I really began to feel it. 

Luckily, Rick was along and could drive us home.  What will I do when he is gone? 

We made it home.  Rich was on his computer and I got caught up on some of my recorded TV.  Pretty soon, bed sounded like a good thing.  Even Sascha thought it was a good idea and scooted off before I could get up.

I awoke only one in the night and thought I should never drink that much tequila again.  I went back to sleep and had pleasant dreams.  Next time, Rich can finish that pitcher all by himself.  Or take help with him.

Spring has sprung

So repeat after me:

Spring has sprung

The grass is riz

Wonder where the flowers is?

I can say that over the last couple of days, it has begun to sound and smell like spring out there.  I stood in the doorway this morning and listened to all of the birds singing while I waited for Sascha to take care of business.  The air even had a freshness to it. I’m so ready for spring!

I look out my front window and the crocus are starting to bloom around the edges of the flower beds.  I have tulips and other flowers about 3 or 4 inches out of the ground and on their way to show glorious flowers.  I planted more bulbs last spring and fall.  I should have quite the riot of color.  That is if a terrible ice storm doesn’t descend upon us and crush my poor flowers. 

My yard continues to grow and expand with flowers and examples of different ways to add color to your house.  I’m hoping that my transplanted peonies do well in their new bed out front.  I have a couple of others to move, including the crimson peony I saved from my mother’s flower beds. 

I planted hedge roses along the west side of the house.  This was to replace some really bad evergreen bushes that were dry and brown.  I have white and lavendar hardy roses that smell heavenly.  That is as long as the deer don’t eat them all. 

It sounds like a struggle here to make sure that my flowers come up and have the chance to bloom their little hearts out.  But it is another example of how life works.  I love my flowers and my flower beds.  Hopefully I can work in them this year. 

Wonder if I can get a small garden with tomatos, asparagus, peppers, and some other choice items put in this year?  And keep the deer out of them.  Another challenge to be taken and hopefully won. 

On another note, Rick turns 18 tomorrow.  At 9:02 AM on March 9, my son took his first breath.  Of course, Rich has his own memories of that ride to the hospital over the bumpy roads.  Maybe I shouldn’t have let him take a shower before we went.  But it worked out and we brought our beautiful son home.  Not too bad for coming into the world 3 and half weeks early.

Raising him has had its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.  I’ve enjoyed having a son rather than a daughter.  I know I’ll lose him someday when he chooses that one special girl to make his wife.  I just hope she doesn’t mind me too much.  I do promise to try and be a good mother-in-law. 

Well, to my son, Rick, on his birthday.  Another milestone down.  Graduation in 2 months and then on to the work force and college.  I’d say it’s downhill for here, but my ride has been very interesting so far.  I wish you many more birthdays in the future.  Remember, you know have to beat Busia for longevity.  90 might still be young the way she makes it look.

Happy spring everyone!

Yellow crocuses ready to bloom when the sun is warmer.
Birthday boy this morning getting his early hugs in with Sascha.

Be Thankful for Every Day

Sorry, but this one is a little bit of downer.  Last Friday, a huge tornado hit very close to my hometown.  Henryville IN is only 20 miles up the road for my little town.  A lot of people I know live up that way.  Luckily, no one I know was hurt and my family is all save. 

In 1974, a series of tornadoes came through the area.  These were part of a super cell that developed and swept the country.  I remember driving through the same area looking at twisted trees and torn roofs.  At least Henryville and Marysville were spared that year.  This year, they were not so lucky.

I saw the pictures of Henryville High School (which also housed the grade school and middle school).  It was so bad to look at.  I’ve been in that school a bunch of times over the years.  Henryville is one of the 3 schools that make up my home school district, West Clark Community Schools.  I was glad to hear that no one was hurt there, even though there were students and teachers in the building at the time.

The town looks absolutely devasted in the pictures that everyone is posting.  My great aunt and uncle lived on the hill behind what used to be Stewart’s Funeral Home.  All I see are splinters in that area.  I could see Dr. Carr’s old building, but I assume it took damage.  It’s like my memories have been turned upside down.

I thought I saw the house that my dad was born in, but it might have been another house.  He was born just on the other side of the Clark State Forest outside of Henryville.  I’ve marveled that the house has stood this long.  He would have been 89 this years.  Someone has fixed it up over the last few years.  I hope it survived.

Marysville was destroyed as well.  I remember times hanging out there when my dad’s cousin, Dicie Belle, lived in the area.  Back a generation or two, my aunt’s family lived there.  They are all gone now and now the storm has blasted away their houses as well.  From what I saw in photos and video, the hardware store, the church and a couple of buildings were all that was left.  So sad. But luckily, no one lost their lives there.

Some cousins live just north of Marysville. The cemetary where my parents are buried along with other family members would have been just north of the path and might have been hit.  I haven’t heard from anyone on damages. 

I say a prayer for all those affected and for those trying to help them.  I’m sorry for the lives lost in the area and the damages inflicted on the residents.  I know they will rebuild their lives and remember the scars in the years to come.


Throwing a little weight around here

I started to write about this subject yesterday, but the guys got me distracted with the Rick and Sascha story.  So here was my original idea for yesterday’s blog.

I noticed that Sascha is developing her own ideas about how the household should be run.  Most of these ideas are centered around her.  I wonder why?  Can’t be because everyone in my household has that idea, could it?

Because Sascha is part Border Collie, she has several herding traits about her behavior.  One of these is trying to get you to go in the direction she thinks you should be moving in.  Normally, this means nipping at the heels of the sheep or the cows.  Nipping at my heels won’t do her much good.  She likes to nip at my fingers and nudge me with her nose in the direction I should be walking.  Occasionally, she leans into my  leg with her shoulder to give me an extra push.  It really puzzles her when I don’t go in the expected direction.

Then there is the weight issue.  As you know, she loves to sit in the big red chair with you.  We’ve been trying to teach her to ask permission so that the occupant has the right to deny entry, if they choose, and she has to accept it.  She lets you know that she definitely doesn’t accept the decision though.   She tucks her head down and just pushes slowly forward with her weight.  I find I have trouble pushing her off when she does this.  Now I really am a pushover!

When she throws herself into the chair, it’s really hard for me to get her back out again.  I swear, she comes flying at you about head level.  You duck to keep from being hurt, and she settles into place behind you.  I pull her lead to get her out of the chair and that dead weight thing comes into play again.  I have to stand up just to pull her out of the chair.

Sascha really hates going to her crate when we leave the house.  In the morning, she hides so that you won’t force down the stairs and into the crate.  I can get her down the stairs, but she becomes dead weight in front of her crate.  I can pick up one of her back paws, but her 50 lbs. almost feels like 150 lbs.  When we get ready to leave for work, I feel like I’ve done a cardio workout just trying to get her into the crate!

Sascha definitely knows how to throw her weight around with me at least to get what she wants.  She wants in the big red chair and I can’t stop her.  She wants in your lap and it’s really hard to keep her out.  She doesn’t want in her crate and it’s next to impossible to get her in. 

Who would have thought a little 50 lbs. dog would cause so much trouble.  Otherwise, she is an angel.  Her 50 lbs. hardly feel like anything when she leans against you to get petted all over.

Who goes there?

Rick has been having some trouble with his wrists for the last couple of weeks.  At night, the pain tends to get unbearable.  I had thought it might be growing pains, but the rest of his joints were fine.  He takes aspirin for the pain when it is bad. 

However, Rick inherited an unusual swallowing problem from my side of the family.  I kind of have, but it turns out that my father had it really bad.  Rick hasn’t been able to swallow pills.  He’s tried over the years without any luck.  Luckily, they do have liquid pain relief. 

Last night, the pain came back and there was no more liquid pain relief.  Rick came to the door of our room looking for help.  But before he could get through the dining room, Sascha started growling low and barking at the back of her throat.  It was a menacing sound meant to scare the big bad bullies away.  But it was only Rick.

Now I didn’t hear Sascha start up.  I heard Rich cry out at something and I heard Rick say, “Sascha, it’s me.” She must have gotten quiet at the sound of Rick’s voice.  The next thing I knew, Rick was standing by the bed asking me to help him.  I got him some tablets he could chew up and wash down.

That meant a trip to the orthopedic guys today.  They took x-rays and the doctor looked him over.  After asking some strategic questions about the amount of time gaming, the doctor proclaimed the problem to be tendinitis.  The problem is more pronounced on the right hand than the left, but then Rick is right-handed. 

So we left the office with a wrist brace for the right hand and orders to take Ibuprofen twice a day.  We agreed Rick wouldn’t do any gaming for a couple of weeks to see how he does.  This also means he has to cut back on his guitar work also.  Hopefully, things get better and Rick can work on improving his keyboarding skills to lessen the effects.

Otherwise, Sascha will be growling at him some more one night.