Scootering with Sascha today

Rich was giving me a hard time about not taking Sascha out scootering today.  It was a nice cool day with low humidity.  Perfect scooter weather.  Sascha’s been going a little stir crazy since Rich had his cortisone shot.  I didn’t feel up to walking her.  So I felt guilty and took her for a spin around the neighborhood.

Sorry there’s no video today.  All you would get is me bobbing my head and screaming, “Easy” and “On By!”  Sascha is very fast and I find it a little scary to feel like I have so little control.  I bet she is going faster than posted speed limit in the neighborhood, which is 20.  The easy command tells her to slow down and not pull so hard.  I don’t think it worked though.  She was pulling me at flat out top speed.  My weight and the weight of the scooter aren’t enough to slow her down!

I started off on flat ground so it wasn’t as scary a takeoff as last time coming down the slope of the driveway in front of the garage.  But it doesn’t take her long to get up to speed either.  I tried to slow her down for the cross streets so I could check traffic.  She doesn’t like that much.

I took her down Hickory Street to the lake and then down Lakeview, which has a slight rise on it.  She hits the top of the hill at a good speed and then I start whizzing by her on the scooter.  You can almost hear her laughing about it!  She thinks it’s fun.  At least she didn’t pull a Grinch and jump on the scooter like Max on the sled.  That might have freaked me out. 

It’s been a while since she’s been scootering because the weather and humidity have been too warm for it.  Remember the temp and humidity can’t be a combined total of 120.  We’ve just had such a warm spring so far.  Sascha was having trouble listening for directions.  She got confused on whether to go straight or to turn.  In her world, the lead dog makes most of the decisions and the rider just makes corrections.  I wanted to call the shots and that creates some confusion. 

Oh well, we survived.  Sascha got to take a run.  I got some more practice on the scooter.  And Rich fixed the handbrake, which needed adjustment after I was cranking on it so hard to keep Sascha for exceeding the speed limit by more than 5 MPH!  Maybe over the next few days, we’ll try again.

Under attack

Saturday was a horrible allergy day for me.  My eyes felt swollen and I can’t keep them open!  I’m got absolutely no sympathy from anyone around here.  Rich is nursing his arm.  Rick was waiting to join his friends for a birthday celebration.  Sascha just wants to be petted!  Come on, someone says, “Sorry you feel so bad.”

Sascha might not be helping my allergies either.  Apparently, other husky owners are reporting an early blow out for their huskies.  A blow out is when the dog starts shedding its thick winter undercoat.  One person described it as snow furries.  I noticed that Sascha was dropping a lot more hair every where she went.  I started noticing dog hair bunnies chasing me down the hallway.  Happy blow out to all the huskies!

 As the day went on, I could at least keep my head up and my eyes open.  I even ventured out to the grocery store.  It was a decent day, so I bought Rich a steak for dinner.  Grilled steak is always tops on his list.  Coming home, I got worried that he wouldn’t be able to cut the thing by himself!  I shouldn’t have worried though.  He would manage to cut the steak no matter how much his arm hurt. 

Going to the grocery store is always an adventure for me.  I’m a people watcher and you see the most amazing things there.  It likes the rules of civilization are suspended while you are in there.  People block aisles, run over each other, make rude comments, and just in general revert to an animal nature.  Must be why I dread going so much.  I’d go in the middle of the night, if I could.  Deserted stores are so nice.

Rich was taking a nap when I got back from my adventure to the store.  Hopefully, this meant he wouldn’t be crabby.  I understand the pain and how much it effects you.  Since Rich is normally quite healthy, I think it’s a little harder for him to take.  Morphine wasn’t on the list of things the doctor was willing to do for his tendonitis.  After the nap, he said he felt a difference, but he wasn’t out back pitching baseballs either.

Rick got home from his trip out to Dave and Buster’s with his friends.  He had an arm load of toys that he had won.  Will any of them go to Jordan to say I missed you?  He might not be that grown up yet.  That’s okay, the lawn tractor was waiting for him.  He mowed the front and side yards before the cold drove him inside.  Today, he will finish the back.

Yesterday was Thunder over Louisville, which marks the beginning of the Derby season at home.  I started seeing pictures that people were posting.  I love the fireworks that spill all over the river, but I can live without the air show sounds that run all day.  Thanks to my friends at home for posting.  Looked like another stellar year for the fireworks.  I’m sure I’ll get all the details from my sister today.

Derby has come.  No Derby party this year because of the pig roast at the end of June.  I’d love to go down for Derby, but Rick has his prom the day before.  Kind of hard to be in two places at once.  One year I’ll make it down for the festivities. 

It used to be a great time to live in downtown Louisville.  Go to the boat races, watch the Run for the Rose down Fourth Street mall, go eat at the chuckwagons.  Of course, we went out to our favorite bar for the all night pre-Derby party.  The bar closed at 6:00 AM just when the gates at the Downs were opening.  We’d go home, grab chairs, and wave to everyone going down Fourth Street to the races.  A simpler time.  So much for memories.

Today should be quiet.  I plan to clean out the refrigerator and chase snow furries down the hallways.  Then maybe I can relax with a book or find a good movie on TV.  All just so I can go back to work tomorrow.  Oh well.  As Diane K. says, “I love my job.”  But I really do love my job.

Happy Derby 2012, y’all!


Thunder over Louisville
Thunder over Louisville

Tough day for Rich

For the  last month or so, Rich has been having pain in his right elbow.  Not sure when it started exactly, but he assumed he hurt it bowling one night.  That is his bowling arm.  The pain has been pretty constant and not really letting up too much.  I finally decided it was time to see the doctor.

I called and made an appointment for today.  We rode in together so I was able to go in and listen to what the doctor said.  Two pair of ears are always better than one when it comes to doctors.  Luckily, we’ve had to use these guys before, so I was pretty confident in their ability to figure this out.

Rich had to fill out papers since this was his first time there.  Then they took x-rays to check and make sure there was nothing else going on in there.  We went to the exam room to wait for the doctor, who arrived very promptly after the nurse left.  Dr. Seeds looked at the chief complaint and then asked the chief complainer a couple of questions.  Yep, it was tennis elbow.  That’s because they didn’t call it bowling elbow first.

So in easy terms, the tendon that stretches from the top of the large bone down through to the hand was irritated at the connection on top of that bone.  This is the pain that Rich has in the elbow.  The other pains are the pressure that the too tight tendon is placing on the muscles.  These muscles are trying to complain too much.

Dr. Seeds went through the list of things that he could do for this condition.  First  on the list is rest.  Need to give the tendon time to heal.  Rich would get a band to wear around his elbow to apply pressure to the tendon.  Next, the doctor could shot the elbow up with cortizone to help with the healing process.  After that, the doctor recommended physical therapy, but only as a last resort. 

Rich opted to have the shot to the elbow as well as the band. There was also some ointment for pain relief rather than eating Ibuprofen all the time.  Dr. Seeds marked an x on the elbow and the nurse prepared for surgery.  The shot went in okay, but the pain got worse over the day.  Now Rich wishes he hadn’t gotten the shot!

All in all, Rich will be fine.  In a couple of days, he should be back to his current normal.  With rest and wearing the band, things should start to improve.  No more bowling for a while though.  The season only had 3 more weeks.  We’ll see how he is in the fall. 

He’s been reviewing websites for information.  Looks like he needs to rest the arm and then work his way back slowly to bowl.  Just sometimes you get older and things don’t work as well.

Tough day for Sascha

Sascha had a tough day today.  It started out this morning when I put her out for the usual patrol around the yard.  Sometime after going out, a storm passed by close enough for her to hear thunder.  I heard her run being pulled and checked out the back door.  She was pulling the lead trying to get the collar over her head so she could get to the back door on the deck. 

Poor thing.  She had scattered the plastic chairs, her water bucket, and the stools from the wooden patio set all over the place.  I stepped out of the door and grabbed her collar.  She was so happy to see me.  I lead her to the garage door where she normally comes in.  About that time, thunder rumbled again and she tried to dash to the back door in the little garage.  I got her unhooked and secured before opening the door and she promptly dashed in.

Sascha’s normal place to hide is under Rich’s desk.  She made a beeline for that location and got as far as possible under the desk.  The entire time, she is panting up a storm.  I almost thought she was rabid because  she was foaming so much.  She would then take turns coming over to me for pets and slipping back into her hidey hole.  The storm passed and Sascha fell asleep.

This happened a couple of more times.  She refused to stay out in the yard by herself.  She would dash out to do her business and dash right back in the house.  I felt kind of sorry for her, except I was kind of busy with work.  She was hugging very close to me at times.

Later this afternoon, I had an appointment at the vet with Sascha.  The kennel was wanting an updated bordetella shot before we board her in May for vacation.  Since I was there, I got the rest of her shots.  She is all up to date again.  The vet gave her a good physical and proclaimed her healthy.  Sascha weighed in at 54 lbs. this time.  It’s all that good eating to keep fattened up for scootering.  I’m thinking we should probably cut back a bit to keep her from going up in weight.  She’s not fat by any means.

While we were at the vet, Sascha was behaving and sitting quietly.  Someone brought in a Siamese cat in a crate that was crying a lot.  Sascha’s ears went up and she zeroed in on that crate.  Then the barking began.  OK, so she can identify a cat very quickly.  I knew she liked small furry things, but now I know that cats are probably on the endangered species list with her.  Panther, the neighbor’s cat, avoids her at all cost.  Seeing a pattern here.

After getting 3 shots at the vet, Sascha settled into the ride back home.  She’s not too bad in the truck. She puts her butt up again me and leans back so she can lay her head on the back of the seat.  This allows her to look out the back window.  She’s not too crazy about seeing things coming at her, but watching going by and after her is okay.  I think she might get a little bit car sick. 

So I dashed into the house with Sascha so that Rick could feed her dinner.  I then dashed back out to the dry cleaners before they close.  I had to pick up Rick’s Prince Charles jacket and vest.  I had them nicely pressed for prom. 

In case you haven’t heard, Rick is wearing his kilt with his new Prince Charles jacket.  He has a tie and flares to match the kilt along with his knee socks.  All Campbell colors, they are.  He makes quite the dashing figure.  His girlfriend, Jordan, borrowed by sash and Scottish thistle pin to wear with her dress for prom so that they will match.  They will make a striking couple when they walk down the promenade for prom.   The promenade is the walk that the kids make from the school gym to the buses that take them to the prom.  They aren’t allowed to drive there.  Pictures will follow on that day (May 4).

So back on April 10, Rich took Sascha to Moraine State Park for a run with the scooter.  They had a good time, even if it was a little warm and way too windy.  The wind was actually pushing against them on the run.  I posted video from their little adventure on YouTube at:


Sascha can play in the yard again! The roof is done!

Yes, the roof is done!  No more banging, dropping things, or saws going off.  And it’s pretty!

I worked at home for the last days while they were putting a new roof over our heads.  The last roof might have been 18 years old.  No one is sure.  During the last windstorm, we lost a few shingles.  Rich and Rick have been doing repairs on the loose shingles for a while.  Time to give in and just replace the bad boy. 

I called around about a metal roof.  The only estimate we got was extremely high.  Rich took one look and said, “Are you crazy?  No metal roof for you, young lady.”  I then turned to the last company who did work for us.  Pete came out with his samples and we talked roof.  Turns out, they could do a metal roof much cheaper, but Rich had his mind set on architectural shingles by now.  I only had one requirement:  color.  I wanted red, but Rich wouldn’t go for it.  However, he did bend to having a green roof.  At least it wasn’t gray, black, or brown.

On Monday, the shingles were delivered.  Rich took a picture of them and sent it to me.  Yes, he was off that day brewing beer for the pig roast.  They were a nice deep forest green.  On Tuesday, three guys showed up to do the work.  From the sounds, they were all Polish.  Steve came to the door to announce their presence, but Sascha had already told me they were out there.

I had to finally put Sascha inside.  She wouldn’t leave them alone when they were on the ground.  She attacked one poor guy so she could give him kisses.  I resorted to walking her in the yard.  She was hating life lately. 

All day long and into almost the dark, they tore off the old, sawed away bad, hammered on tar paper and edging, and then the shingles went on.  They got the back of the house done by 7:00.  Then on Wednesday, they returned to finish the front.  At lunch, I noticed that there was no noise.  I peeked out and the ladder was gone.  I stepped out and noticed all the cars were gone.  Walking out to the garage, I noticed the dumpster wagon was gone.  They were done!

I could let Sascha back out into the yard without having to restrain her.  She was loving life once again.  She rolled in the grass and stretched out.  At one point, she took off to the far reaches of her lead so I couldn’t take her in.  It was nice day so I left her out there.  There were no more roofers to watch though.

I walked around the house with my camera and took pictures.  It turned out nice.  When Rich got home from work, he walked around the house to take in the roof and look for glaring issues.  He didn’t seem to find an.  Now the building inspector for the village gets to have his say.  But it looks like we have a new roof for another 20 years.  Then I assume it will be the next owner’s problem to repair and replace.

Old and stained roof from the front of the house
Old roof from the back of the house. Not so old on the addition though.
New roof over the living room and Rick's room.
New foof over the garages
New roof from the back over the dining room and addition.
Sascha refusing to come in after the roofers left.

Good food and good friends

Rich loves to go to Weissgerber’s German restaurant in Waukesha, WI for his birthday meal.  Something to do with ham hocks.  That’s basically what schweinshaxe is.  So we invited Dave, Chris, Tim, and Deb to go with us.  Barb isn’t into German food so declined to join us.  We did miss you guys, Barb and Mike! 

After I sent out the email, I thought to ask Doug and Nina if they wanted to go with us also.  They said yes.  Then the plan became going to the Milwaukee Art Museum with Doug and Nina and then on to the restaurant to meet everyone else. 

Doug was the best man at our wedding.  Over the years, we’ve seen each other off and on.  You know how life gets in the way sometimes.  So it had been a few years.  Rick was still Andy and not the tall young man he was today.  We had never been to the Milwaukee Art Museum so that was a trip in learning how to navigate downtown Milwaukee.  The museum is right on the lake front. 

We arrived and found Doug and Nina in the entrance hall.  After catching up for a bit, we ventured off to see the sights.  Nina was interested in the current exhibit and it had possibilities for me as well.  Rick decided to tag along with us.  The exhibit was, “The Accidental Artist.”  The theme was mostly folk art, but the artists had some link to mental institutions or extreme hardships.  I loved some much of it.

Doug and Rich wandered the building and mostly talked to bring them up to date of each other.  I think they probably talked about beer and brewing a lot.  Doug is a big homebrewer as well.

Rick really loved the architecture of the building.  It is designed as a large ship with a movable sail.  Everything is absolutely white, including the marble floors.  It is quite the impressive building.  We decided that we would have to come back and spend more time wandering the hallways.

We arrived at Weissgerber’s before everyone.  So we sat in the bar and most everyone ordered a beer.  Not Rick though.  After waiting and needing some type of food to go with the beer, we moved to the main room of the restaurant.  The stained glass window in their is fabulous.  Tim and Deb arrived first followed by Dave and Chris.

We ordered some wonderful German fare and drank some very nice beers and wines.  Talk moved up and down the table.  Rich’s birthday was the 10th.  Dave’s birthday was the 13th.  Doug still had to celebrate his on the 17th.  April was a  popular month for babies.  We continued on to dessert and talked some more.  It was really wonderful.

It was hard to say good night in the parking lot, but Sascha was waiting at home for us.  Poor thing had spent the biggest part of the day on her own.  I’m sure she would be glad to see us return.  And she was.  Rich had a great birthday dinner with friends.  Rick made sure we got back home safely.  Sascha provided the warm welcome back.  Not a bad day at all.

That roof over our heads

In recent weeks, we’ve had quite a bit of windy weather.  Windy isn’t out of the norm for us here, but the type of wind is.  It has been almost gale force at times.  So much so that we’ve lost a few shingles and had some others that are literally flapping in the breeze.  This sent the guys up on the roof to handle repairs.

This also meant that I had to get busy and arrange for estimates on replacing the roof.  This was my chance to check out the metal roof that I’ve wanted for this house.  I called up one of the places that I’ve looked at for this work.  They agreed to do an estimate for us.  Well, I had a little more sticker shock than I thought.  Rich immediately cancelled out the idea. 

For one thing, we don’t know how long we plan to stay here.  Maybe another 10 years.  I keep hoping to find a job opportunity that will take me to warmer weather.  Rich keeps hoping for Montana.  Either way, the cost of the metal roof was more than we wanted to think about.  So I contacted the guys who did our gutter and trim work back in the fall.  I had talked to them then about a new roof.  They were more than willing to come out.

On Monday, Pete came out with his samples and his estimate book.  We stood around on the deck talking about possibilities.  I was definitely holding our for some color on the roof.  No black, brown, or gray here.  I preferred red, but Rich just couldn’t picture it.  So we went with deep forest green. 

Pete got all the measurements, figured up the square footage, punched in some numbers, and wrote up an estimate.  Now that was a number we could live with.  We get a new roof and I got to add some color to the drab.  Rich is still a little worried about the green, but I think it will be wonderful. 

I filled out the paperwork for the building permit and went up to the village hall to talk to the building inspector for the village.  Ray seemed all right with the papers and we should have our permit this weekend.  Pete is planning to start work at the end of next week.  At least Rich and Rick won’t be up on the roof trying to glue down shingles for a long time to come.

While I had Pete in the house, I took him to that horrible little pink, white, and gold bathroom across from Rick’s room.  We talked possibilities.  I just wasn’t hearing everything I wanted though.  I guess we’ll have to work up to the remodel of that room.  I have some thoughts on what Pete would do and I can take them to my magic drawing board in Pinterest and work on them.

For now, it ‘s just a roof. A deep forest green roof!  Pictures to follow.

Happy 50th Birthday, Rich!

Yesterday, the 10th, was Rich’s 50th birthday.  It was a quiet day.  No big partying here.  He did take the day off from work to enjoy some of his favorite things. 

Early in the morning, his Busia called to wish him a happy birthday.  He wasn’t up yet.  We talked for a bit.  She was reminiscing about the time she took the train down to Roswell, NM from Chicago to see him.  In her stories, there is a lot of dust.  I can see why.  It is a very sandy area and the wind blows a lot.  I loved one of her last statements.  “I was 40 when Rich was born.  I was only a child!”  Compared to her 90 years, she probably was at that time.

Rich didn’t sleep in too late.  After a cup of coffee and the paper, he turned his attentions to getting caught up on the computer.  He had Sally business to take care of this morning.  After checking out Facebook and his email, he pulled up the page he wanted.  I’m not sure of the name of the business, but the guy’s name was Dick.  With phone in hand, Rich proceeded to call Dick.  BTW: Rich uses the name Dick when he is feeling bad ass.  Seems appropriate.

Dick answered the phone and the conversation about carburetors got underway.  Dick is in the business of rebuilding these nice little attachments to an engine at his shop way down in Texas.  Rich finished describing his issues and what kind of little metal components he had.  Dick had a list of specific questions for how Rich wanted them to work when them came back.  I believe there was an agreement and Rich wrote up a letter with the details and boxed up the carbs for a trip to Texas.  Now Sally will be bad ass too.

Next order of business was to take Sascha to Moraine State Park for a run on one of the trails.  Packing up scooter, harness, and dog, Sascha and Rich left in the truck.  No, Rich was driving and not Sascha. An hour and a half later, they returned, just as I was leaving to pick up birthday cake.  Sascha was in the back of the truck and not the cab.  The tail was wagging a hundred miles an hour and she had a big grin on her face.  She was also very wet.

The Opossum Run trail that Rich likes is about 3 miles long.  There are lots of hills and valleys.  There is also a ditch that is usually filled with water.  Sascha remembers this ditch very well.  We’ve made the mistake of letting her get a drink from the ditch, but she always plops down in the water instead.  She loves to lay in her pool of water, wherever it is.  I think Sascha is beginning to learn the trail.  She stopped at the picnic table where I had to take a rest and she got water.  Only Rich wasn’t ready to stop!

Since they had returned early, I took Rich to lunch while I was out on my errand. Herb’s Bakery makes the most divine cakes and they taste like there is so little sugar in them.  I don’t know how they do that.  The cakes are buttery soft, not overly sweet, and they decorate them in such cute ways.  I can’t find anyone else who makes such a cake, so I make the drive several miles to pick one up.  They are so worth it!  I told them to decorate the cake with something beer related.  There were little tin beer cans hanging over the cake.  Well worth the trip again this year.

So we stopped at the Beef Villa just up the street from Herb’s.  Around here, there are hot dog stands by the dozens.  They all serve hot dogs and italian beef sandwiches with fries.  Standing at the counter, the menu was limited, but it did look good.  I decided on the reuben sandwich and Rich got italian beef with cheezy fries.  I don’t know about Rich’s sandwich, but mine was excellent.  It really hit the spot.  So this means I took Rich to lunch and I paid for it.

One more stop before we headed home.  We were going right by Woodman’s Grocery.  There, Rich needed to pick up frozen Door County cherries for his cherry wheat beer that he was expecting to brew within the next few days.  Yep, cherry wheat beer was required for the June pig roast.  Cherries and pig go together, I think.

So I had to get back to work.  Yep, I had worked through Rich’s phone call to Dick and while he was out scootering with Sascha.  Now back to more work.  Rich spent his afternoon hanging out around the house.

Rick got home from school and we sat Rich down on the couch to open cards and presents.  We got him a book called Chicago by the Pint.  It was a history of the great breweries in Chicago.  Then he got real moosehid moccassins to keep his feet warm and dry.  Finally, we got his a flamed bowling shirt and a backup shirt that was just styling red and black.  Now he has a choice when he wants to bowl. 

For dinner, Rich chose Slyce.  This is a really cool pizza place that cooks their pies in coal fired ovens.  The menu has already created combinations, which are excellent.  Then you can create your own, but can you get one better than they have already created.  I’m not so sure.  We got one white and one red.  White was olive oil with fennel sausage, cream, and basil.  The red was meatball, pepperoni, and ham with basil.  Both were excellent. 

Rich likes this place not only for their pizza, but because they carry an excellent assortment of craft beers.  A few are on tap, like he prefers.  He started off with one IPA and finished with a second one from a different brewery.  Since we had a designated driver, I had the Audacious Apriot wheat.  It was a nice dinner out with the family. 

Back at the ranch, we finally fired up that movie, “Paul,” that’s been recorded forever and we never got around to.  I had watched bits and pieces while it was still running on the movie channel, but I had never seen the very beginning.  It was cute and had several good laughs.  Then it was cake time.  We opened up the chocolate with raspberry filling cake, sang Happy Birthday, and ate up. 

Now our habit in the past has been to include the dogs in our lives.  Sofie even learned to sing along with the song.  I’m not sure it was Happy Birthday she was singing, or she was just yelling for you to throw down that cake.  This makes the fourth birthday we’ve had since Sascha has joined us.  And guess what?  She has learned that when we sing Happy Birthday, good things happen.  She danced around with the song.  Next birthday, we’ll have to have video of her dance. 

To finish off the night, Rich got a call from his brother, Alex.  That really helped to make an end to a good day.  He enjoys talking to his family and Alex in particular.  It might that they can talk stocks.  After getting caught up with Alex, he toddled off to bed to read a few chapters before lights out.

I do believe Rich had a great birthday.  I thought turning 50 would be tough for him, but he seems to have weathered it well. Today, I ran out early to pick up donuts for work.  Everyone expects to share in your good fortune.  They seem to like the donuts from our local bakery in particular. 

Happy birthday, Rich.  Hard to believe you survived your youth and are getting ready for some middle age.  Enjoy it though.

Cake from Herb's
The wonderful little cake that Herb's made for Rich.
Chicago by the Pint
Another beer book for his collection.
Moosehide moccassins
Oh, moosehide! New moccassins for the feet.
Bowling shirt with flames
He has flames on Sally and now flames on his bowling shirt!

Happy Easter!

Wow, it’s Easter already!  This year is flying by.  Glad I’m prepared for today though.  As I said before, major (and some minor) holidays are Polish eating holidays.  I love that.  Rich’s family has a lot of traditions and I’ve incorporated them into how we celebrate things. 

I started off with brunch today.  We had Zurek soup.  For though who don’t know what that is, you begin by boiling your Polish sausage for about an hour.  This gives you a good base for the soup.  We cheat and used the Zur in a jar.  We’ve found a couple of good brands that give us a good flavor.  Zur is fermented rye flour that adds a sourdough type of flavor to the soup.  You mix in the Zur and some horseradish for kick.  Good stuff.  Zurek soup takes its name from the fermented rye and it’s called Zurek as a reference.  Kind of like Pole and -ish.  Polish and  Zurek.

So when you make up your soup bowlm, you cut up a boiled egg, break up a slice of rye bread, add some sausage, and then pour Zur over the top of it.  For the harder souls, they add extra horseradish because it just needs more kick for them.  The rest of the menu was pieriogo, deviled eggs, and sausage.   This should hold us over until this evening when the lamb is done. 

This year, Rick actually had Zurek soup!  I was very surprised.  He has never eaten it.  As a kid, he tried it and like the flavor.  He informed me that he ate it last year.  I missed that someone.  Oh well, he actually ate it, except for the egg yolks.  We didn’t do King egg this year.

King egg was an interesting tradition in the Zurek family.  No one else I know who is Polish knew about this.  Everyone takes an egg and then you have someone start by using the bottom of their egg to crack the top of the next person’s egg.  Then you flip them over and try it again.  The egg that doesn’t break is King egg.  If you survive the entire the line, you are winner.  Of course, the adults always swapped eggs with the kids if theirs wins.  I think that was so they could get soup before it was gone.  The kids always loved playing to be King egg.  I guess mine has grown up too much.  We all just want soup now.

Then we had the annual Biting of the Ears.  Rick and Rich both get chocolate bunnies.  They bit off the ears and then spend the rest of the week getting through the bunny.  I think one year we actually did the cartoon version where one bunny is missing ears and the other one is missing a butt.  This year, Rick got a Reese’s bunny.  He said it tasted just like a Reese’s cup.  Rich only likes dark chocolate.  But they both have to be solid.  No hollow bunnies allowed her. 

 So finish the rest of my blog:

It turned out to be a very nice day.  Rich went off to fish in the river and Rick went to ride his bike.  Later, Rick and I did some yard work.  The riding tractor is broken, so we are trying to keep up the lawn with the push mower.  That’s a lot of work.  A lot of my plants are coming up.  My transplanted peonies are actually going to make it!  I was surprised.  But what a nice surprise.

Rich put the lamb on the grill to cook.  It smelled really good out on the deck this afternoon.  We made our way through the leg of lamb at dinner and then Sascha got the bone afterwards to gnaw on.  Rich had to chase her around the yard to get the bone back.  She growled some, but she did give it up in the end without biting anyone. 

All in all, it was a great day.  Good food, sunshine, and family time.  Hope you had a good Easter.

Rick has a vicious attack on the poor bunny.
Rick was channeling Ozzie with this bunny.
Poor bunny has no ears!
Rick's bunny has no ears either!

Preparing for Easter

Easter is just another Polish eating holiday.  That’s a good thing though.  I love the foods at Easter.  Zurek soup (no kidding) is a fermented soup only had at this holiday.  Me, I would have it all the time.  I love the sour flavor with the hard boiled egg, sausage, and rye bread.  Actually, that’s about all I eat on Easter.  Rich is preparing lamb on a spit for our meal.  I’m not a big lamb eater, but the guys like it. 

I made up the Easter basket today.  I don’t have to surprise anyone these days.  I got Rich a dark chocolate bunny and Rick chose a Reese’s bunny.  They have to have something to eat the ears off of.  I don’t need a bunny.  I’m just fine with the Cadbury eggs.  I had to get the caramel Cadbury’s for Rich.  The rest is all malted milk balls and peanut butter cups.  Should last us for the next week.

Rich’s birthday is on Tuesday.  I took the opportunity of him being out of the house on errands to wrap his gifts.  No, I can’t tell you what they are, because he reads this blog also.  He should be good surprised on Tuesday though.  He plans to take the day off and do something fun.  Probably brew the wheat beer for the pig roast in June.  He managed to stop by and get his fishing license while he was out.  You never know, he might need to go fishing tomorrow. 

On the 14th, we are meeting up with some friends and having having dinner at Weissgerber’s in Waukasha, WI.  This is a really awesome German restaurant that has all of Rich’s favorite foods.  They also carry really good German beers.  It’s like being in Germany again for Rich.  This is his birthday meal.  I don’t mind.  I love German food.  The company should be pretty good as well.

Earlier, Rich put on his black and red plaid jacket and went out to the garage to work on Sally for a while.  Sascha saw his jacket and immediately assumed that she was going for dog scootering!  She started barking and dancing around.  Poor thing was so disappointed.  Sascha dances more than any dog I know.  I guess huskies are just a naturally happy breed. 

If the weather cools down and the humidity stays down, I thought I might try to take out for a spin around the neighborhood.  It’s just that she’s so fast, it’s a little scary to go out with her.  She won’t slow down.  I have to stay on the brake to keep her from going full speed!  She does love to run.  I just need some heavy, wide, and offers more resistance.  One day, I hope to get a good feel for the scooter and know to control it better. 

Sally (the ’34 Ford) had not been started all winter.  Today, Rich went out and started putting some things back together on the old girl.  He got the battery hooked back up and the seat secured into the car.  It took a couple of tries, but the old girl fired right up.  Rich then took her out for a spin.  Apparently, she did very well.  Even the brakes worked.  When I got back home, he had painted some pieces and worked on getting some more things done on her.  Hopefully, we can be ready to take her out for some shows in June. 

Yesterday, Rick brought his girlfriend, Jordan, over to the house.  Jordan is very nice, but a little on the quiet side.  I just hope we don’t scare her too bad.  You know us Zureks, we can be a little loud and brass.  I had to ask if she was really OK with Rick wearing his kilt to the prom.  She says she is totally fine with it.  Rick put on his new jacket to show her what he intended to wear with it.  She liked the jacket also.  I did offer my Campbell sash if she wanted to dress to compliment him.    I took them out to dinner (because we gotta eat)  and we talked.  Jordan’s OK if she can put up with Rick, you know.

Well, time for grilled steaks, salad and grilled potatoes.  Then I can settle in and do nothing for the evening.