When the weather service said go home and stay there for this storm that was good advice.

At the start of the storm I tried to shovel snow but it came down too fast.  The wind was terrible and was causing me to get cold.

We had big drifts by bed time.  Our furnace stopped about 3:30 because its’ vent ports where buried in snow.  Had to go out and unbury them.

They said this was the forth worst blizzard to hit Chicago since keeping records.  We hope we don’t get to see more of these it was nasty.

3 thoughts on “Snowmageddon”

  1. Wow, that is quite a bit of snow! I’m certainly not jealous, although if we got that much snow in WA I think we’d be out of work for weeks!

  2. I think you got more snow than us. Glad to hear you were able to get your heat back on…even if you had to brave the elements to do it!

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