Travelogue 05.27.13

I thought about titling this Star Date.  Rick and I took a trip down to Southern Indiana recently.  On the way back home, we stopped in Lafayette, Indiana for gas.  It was raining and cold.  At the gas station, which doubled as the local hunting and fishing supplier, there was an interesting sight.

This area is known for the Battle of Tippecanoe.  In 1811, the governor of the territory tried to kick out the local Indian population.  This resulted in a very big battle, which the Indians lost.  It spawned the campaign slogan for William Henry Harrison’s run for President.  That slogan was, “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too.”

So the sight we saw was in reference to the county, the battle, and some fun.

Tip a canoe and I guess that's Tyler, too, over there.
Tip a canoe and I guess that’s Tyler, too, over there.