Ode to Rammy

This truck has been in the family for many years. We brought is home October of 1999. We drove it through a blizzard New Years day.  It drives very well through very deep snow.  This body style was the best looking style went Dodge introduce it.  I still think it is the best looking style. For the last few years it was Ricks truck.  It is nice to know that a new drivers has all the metal around them.  Unfortunately he did ram someone in Rammy.

Rick and I bonded when we replaced the AC condenser.  Did you know the dash needs to be removed to replace it.  When we bought it gas cost $1.25.  Gas was cheap then. It has a big gas tank that holds 35 gallons.  The low fuel light comes on at 28 gallons.  Anyway we are selling Rammy because Rick is going to need a more affordable transportation when he goes away to school.

Ram01 Ram02 Ram03 Ram04 Ram05

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  1. Ah, Rammy. It’s been a good truck and still does pretty well. Poor thing is just showing its age.

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