Lazy Sunday around here

I knew keeping a blog would be hard.  Unless I’m actively planning or doing something, I don’t think that the rest of my life has much to talk about.  So here’s a run down of what’s been happening here.

Friday was Rick’s last day of spring break.  We don’t normally go anywhere or do anything special.  I was going to travel to Indiana and get caught up with some people, but Rick had plans for Saturday and I decided not to drive by myself.  Instead, we went to the bookstore, Julie Ann’s for custard, and went to the movies.  We saw “John Carter,” which I enjoyed. 

I had heard that the story was from the series of books by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author of the Tarazan stories.  That interested me.  I looked up the book and found the trilogy it was from.  After reading the first chapter, I’ve downloaded it to my Nook and it will be on my reading list for vacation.  I read the Tarazan books as a kid and enjoyed them.

My riding lawn mower is down.  Rick tried to start it this past week with no luck.  Unfortunately, it appears to be fuel injected so the guys were having a hard time diagnosing her.  I finally called the service shop and they came by to pick her up on Thursday.  The grass still needed to be mowed.  Rick did the front on Thursday.  Since it rained on Friday, I did the back yard on Saturday.  This took a little while.  I had to stop frequently for breaks.  I can do things like this; it just takes me a little longer than most people.  The yard does look nice.  Sascha appears to be missing her tall patches of grass to roll in though.

I’m planning out a new flower bed for the area around the patio.  Last year, I put dahlias in that area.  They did well and spread out all over the patio.  I could cut a flower close to the top, put it in a bowl, and it would live for a couple of weeks.  They were gorgeous.  I took them to work and everyone asked if they were real.  This year, I want to raise that bed and extend it out.  I want to put the dahlias back on the outside and put in gladioluses in the front. 

Today, I wanted to get the brick and the dirt to put in that spot.  I can’t find my tape measurer, but Rich has one around somewhere.  I need to figure out the total number of bricks needed to create the area. Maybe I can get Rick to help me carry the bricks at the store and when we get home again.  I’ll have to take pictures once the flowers are in and blooming.

Last week, I ripped out the old fall plants so that the tulips could shine through.  I leave the fall stuff during the winter because it looks so barren without anything there.  The mums that dry up still smell even though they are dried and dead.  It’s kind of nice to small the aroma as you cut out the old plants out.  Now my tulips, paperwhites, hyacinths, and daffodils are blooming away. 

One last gardening thing:  I created a new bed out front for my peonies.  My mom loved peonies the most of all her flowers.  She had quite a variety of them, too.  I dug up a bunch from my parent’s house before I sold it last year.  I was disappointed to see so few had made it over the winter.  I do have a few I need to transplant and I’ll plan to fill in with those.  I thought the peony garden would be a nice tribute.

So Rick got a new bed for his room.  This meant that the old loft bed had to come down and get stored in the garage.  Rick managed to do this all by himself.  I then took him up to the mattress store to pick out a new mattress set.  Of course, he had to stretch out on all of them and try his favorite sleeping position (curled on his right side).  We found one that didn’t cost me an arm or a leg or both.  I figured a full size was big enough for him.  I might even be able to put company on that bed, when needed.

So now Rich has a new desk and bed.  He has gathered up all the toys and kids type of stuff.  Some are going to charity and some are being spread through friends for their kids.  I finally got someone to accept the huge tub of Legos.  I sorted through it for trash, broken toys, and even money.  So far, I’ve collected $10.00 in change and I’m not quite done yet.  I guess this means that my son has grown up, a little.

Last night was exciting around here.  Basketball, of course.  Kentucky and Louisville played.  Unfortunately, the Cards didn’t win.  I would have loved that.  I didn’t expect them to be this good though.  Maybe next year, I’ll have to consider them for my top pick.  Kentucky looked really good and had some good moves.  Then Kansas and Ohio State played.  Rich has Kansas to win this year.  They didn’t look as good as I thought they should. Not sure they can beat Kentucky.  Should be an exciting game on Monday.  I love March Madness.  Yep, that’s me yelling in the living room every year.

I had heard about this app called Pinterest and decided to sign up.  This thing does what I do normally do in my Favorites folder, only it’s visual!  I love visual since I’m a graphics type of person.  I started a couple of boards.  One was showing the planning for our vacation.  Another was Sascha and things related to huskies.  This week, I saw a front porch that I loved.  So rather than save it my favorites (and hope it still shows up), I pinned it.  But it didn’t work!  I could pin it, but it wouldn’t allow me to create a board or add it an exiting board!  WTF!  I sent an email to support, but no one has answered.  If it stays broken, I guess I’ll unsubscribe.

I started getting estimates for a new roof.  This one has had it and needs to be replaced.  I called up a company who specializes in metal roofs.  I love the look of the metal roofs.  It reminds of the roofs in Kentucky, only in color.  Rich agreed to consider it, if the cost wasn’t too much.  I’m waiting for the estimate now.  At some point, we plan to get new siding and to put a porch on the front.  I love the Arts and Crafts style and would love to put something like that on the front.  It would definitely be more appealing the blank front we have now.

And speaking of planning:  I’ve started on the pig roast for the big celebrations this year.  I talked to Smith Farms and we set a date:  June 30.  Now I have to plan the food and anything else I need to do.  I have to talk to my baker, Tobi, and see if she can whip up some cupcakes for me.  Tobi is 12, but she has decided that she wants to be a baker and have her own shop.  She found a Kitchen Aid mixer at an auction and talked her dad into buying it.  Tobi made cupcakes and a cake for a friend’s 40th birthday.  They were wonderful.  I hope she has the time to do some for me.  Besides, it would be fun to help her get started!

So the pig roast is planned.  Smith Farms did the pig for our wedding reception and for Rich’s college graduation.  They do such a wonderful job.  They also do all the work.  They bring the roaster to the site, cook the pig, and cut it up.  I just have to serve it.  And hope everyone eats it all.  Otherwise, there are leftovers for everyone to take home. I just to make things for my vegetarian friends too.

Just a side note:  Smith Farms cooked pig for the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago.  I hear they are still talking about that being the best party held in town.

One last thing to bring up is that vacation is closing in.  We leave May 23 for our grand tour of California.  I’m excited.  I’m not sure the guys are because of the long car rides.  I think once we get to California and start acting like tourists, they’ll be fine.  I’m looking forward to Yosemite and Joshua Tree National Parks.  I’ve never been to Yosemite, but seen and read so much about it.  Of course, I’m worried about the bears.  That’s one thing about hiking in some areas that makes it dangerous. 

It’s been over 10 years since I’ve been to Joshua Tree.  I worked out in the desert for a couple of months when I started with the Trunked group in Motorola.  We were in Landers.  It was great.  Now I want to show Rick that side of California also.  We plan to go up to Big Bear also before heading out of the state.  Big Bear is normally the winter funland for LA, but I really liked it during the summer.  Definitely a resort town.  Besides, they have one of the most famous roads in the world.  In most car commericals, you see this road.  Rick can say he drove it.  I’ll make sure he does.

Anyway, Easter is next.  It’s a Polish eating holiday, again.  Gotta get the lamb, polish sausage, pieriogi, and decorate the eggs for King egg.  Of course, my favorite of all time is the Zurek soup.  I love that stuff.  That’s all I have for dinner.  Then Rich’s birthday is the 10th.  We’ll celebrate it on Saturday the 14th when a group of friends meet at Weissgerber’s restaurant for good German food.  Maybe a little beer will be included. 

This week will be all prep for the next couple.  Wish me luck as I order cakes, make reservations, and buy up the necessary food and stores for eating.


Spring has sprung

So repeat after me:

Spring has sprung

The grass is riz

Wonder where the flowers is?

I can say that over the last couple of days, it has begun to sound and smell like spring out there.  I stood in the doorway this morning and listened to all of the birds singing while I waited for Sascha to take care of business.  The air even had a freshness to it. I’m so ready for spring!

I look out my front window and the crocus are starting to bloom around the edges of the flower beds.  I have tulips and other flowers about 3 or 4 inches out of the ground and on their way to show glorious flowers.  I planted more bulbs last spring and fall.  I should have quite the riot of color.  That is if a terrible ice storm doesn’t descend upon us and crush my poor flowers. 

My yard continues to grow and expand with flowers and examples of different ways to add color to your house.  I’m hoping that my transplanted peonies do well in their new bed out front.  I have a couple of others to move, including the crimson peony I saved from my mother’s flower beds. 

I planted hedge roses along the west side of the house.  This was to replace some really bad evergreen bushes that were dry and brown.  I have white and lavendar hardy roses that smell heavenly.  That is as long as the deer don’t eat them all. 

It sounds like a struggle here to make sure that my flowers come up and have the chance to bloom their little hearts out.  But it is another example of how life works.  I love my flowers and my flower beds.  Hopefully I can work in them this year. 

Wonder if I can get a small garden with tomatos, asparagus, peppers, and some other choice items put in this year?  And keep the deer out of them.  Another challenge to be taken and hopefully won. 

On another note, Rick turns 18 tomorrow.  At 9:02 AM on March 9, my son took his first breath.  Of course, Rich has his own memories of that ride to the hospital over the bumpy roads.  Maybe I shouldn’t have let him take a shower before we went.  But it worked out and we brought our beautiful son home.  Not too bad for coming into the world 3 and half weeks early.

Raising him has had its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.  I’ve enjoyed having a son rather than a daughter.  I know I’ll lose him someday when he chooses that one special girl to make his wife.  I just hope she doesn’t mind me too much.  I do promise to try and be a good mother-in-law. 

Well, to my son, Rick, on his birthday.  Another milestone down.  Graduation in 2 months and then on to the work force and college.  I’d say it’s downhill for here, but my ride has been very interesting so far.  I wish you many more birthdays in the future.  Remember, you know have to beat Busia for longevity.  90 might still be young the way she makes it look.

Happy spring everyone!

Yellow crocuses ready to bloom when the sun is warmer.
Birthday boy this morning getting his early hugs in with Sascha.